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Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 6 - Another Badger

Day 6 of Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 challenge, and it's another badger.  I tried something a bit different with this trying to give a more abstract feel to the background blurring the badger colours into the greens and using salt to give a bit of interest - I quite like it but it's one of those things that doesn't always work and you can never recreate the same twice. I tried a similar effect with a painting yesterday and it turned into a complete disaster and I spent too much time trying to rescue it to no effect! 

I've made this poor badger's eyes look terribly sad, which wasn't what I set out to do but they say an artist's emotions can come across in their work so whether that has happened here I don't know or maybe it's just one of those things - I know I am terribly sad about the enforced cull which I could understand if I could find any evidence to suggest it might actually work to stop the spread of Bovine TB but I fear very much that it won't make a difference and thousands of these beautiful animals will have been slaughtered for no reason.  

I'm enjoying the painting a day challenge and am actually ahead of myself at the moment which is good because there are bound to be days when I won't be able to paint - so I've got a bit of a buffer to fall back on!


  1. The salt works very well here. He is a fine badger.

  2. You're doing fine with the challenge so far Sharon, the first six painting have been just superb, and the badgers eyes in the latest one just say it all!!

    I totally agree with your sentiments and worries about all the killing, I'm sure there MUST have been a more humane way to sort this problem?

    Keep up the good work...[;o)

  3. Yes, the salt worked perfectly on this one. I try to avoid it - but haven't had good results when I have used it so that may be the reason I avoid it. I like this little one - now have to catch up! So many artists doing the 30 day challenge!! What a great wealth of artwork to see this month.

  4. I like the techniques and colors you've used here! Now, I must look into this 30 day challenge!

  5. Another gem!! I have tried to get ahead today so I have one or two in reserve.. it certainly is focusing me!!

  6. Sharon, I love this painting. It is very timely with the cull going on here. It's appalling :( I just can't stand it, I was very very sad when the day came round. Maybe you should do something like this painting for the Wildlife Federation, a campaign against killing badgers. Here is a site I found: and

    You probably already know the sites, but maybe this could help awareness.

    This is a lovely yet sad painting. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Not just another Badger Sharon, this one is really very very nice. I love your result with the salt it has added interesting transitions. You are so right however it can be really hit and miss.

  8. Sharon this is really beautiful. I love the effect you created here although it is annoying when it has a mind of its own as to whether or not it will work the same way on the next painting. I am in complete agreement over the whole badger cull-I think it's desperately sad that as a species we think we're so superior to all other life that we can chose what lives or dies according to our profit margins (& usually all that's wrong with the natural world these do can be traced back to something mankind has done or interfered with anyway).

  9. Dashing in and out but had to say this is another super Badger, Sharon! :)


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