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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Day 10 - Wild Boar

Hmm not sure how I feel about this one - this was done late last night and is a bit fast and loose - not to everyone's taste I know but someone out there might like it - I've still not decided lol!  But at least it's still a painting!  I also did a pencil sketch of a wild boar, also from a photo by Dave Webb to get a bit more of a feel for the animal before painting it as I've never drawn one before.

British wild boar became extinct many years ago and they have recently been reintroduced to Britain albeit accidentally!  This wild boar was painted from a photo by Dave Webb who photographs them in the Forest of Dean where there is a population of free living wild boar. There is a bit of controversy over their reintroduction - you can read more about this on the British Wild Boar website.  So what do you think - are you happy for this native species to be reintroduced or do you think it was a mistake?  You are the Judge


  1. That's so interesting about the boar. And you did such an artistically sound thing, to do the study before the painting so that you really knew the animal. It has a personality that comes out very well. good job, and congrats on being 1/3 of the way through the challenge month! Are you feeling stronger and more prolific as an artist after ten days of producing finished pieces? I would be!

  2. I can't judge about the introduction of Wild Boar until I read more on the website but I can judge (if you get my drift) your lovely Wild Boar here. He looks great charging through the grass and I really like the way it's sweeping up round him. The looseness of this piece is super and the light striking him is great. Love that snout! ;)


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