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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Day 18 - Common Seal

Day 18 - Common Seal 

We saw plenty of these on our recent trip to Skye and this one was painted from a photo Gary took near Loch Coruisk on the Isle of Skye.  They are such comical animals to observe, they never seem to look comfortable whatever position they decide to lie in on the rocks, they move so awkwardly on land yet once they are in the water swim so gracefully.  They have the most expressive eyes which I don't feel I've really captured in this painting and they have a natural curiosity which is endearing.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with these daily paintings.  It's much more difficult now that I'm back in work and other things are becoming neglected!  but will try my best even if it's just a quick sketch.  Thank you to those of you who are following this challenge,  I really do appreciate your comments and support and hope you're enjoying my look at our wonderful British wildlife!


  1. Hi Sharon Another lovely painting. Yes Sharon, just get your priorities right, your family and work are important, get those right first and yes if you can do a quick sketch then that would be a bonus.

  2. Love your seal painting. Very well done and I know what you mean about the eyes. I lived in the San Francisco area for a while and watched them a lot.
    (Don't have seals here in Florida) lol! other critters though.
    I couldn't log on to your last post with the voles. I'd never seen nor heard of them.
    Last week I was concerned over something I read happening in GB. I believe it was badgers? (hope I right about that) And the fact that they are seeking them out...and eliminating them.
    Here it's alligators and they can be dangerous, but we are moving into their territory, just as the Northwest has bear problems.. What are these animals supposed to do ? We are taking their homes.. sorry for the rant.. but I know you guys love animals...and understand.. BJ

    1. Yes Barbra badgers are being culled in parts of England as they are believed to carry Bovine TB although this hasn't been proven. Resarch suggests that a cull will not work yet the government have decided to do it anyway - I've painted some badgers for this challenge earlier in the month and discuss the issue briefly there

  3. You may feel you haven't captured the eyes but you have caught the feeling of awkwardness and discomfort!! I think it is difficult to capture eyes from this distance when they are just a bit of a blob so I wouldn't have really spotted that had you not mentioned it. We used to have a dog which looked a bit like a seal, she had lovely soft eyes and such a gentle face!!

    Wouldn't worry about the challenge I think we have all done really well to get this far and maybe you can catch up at the weekend... I have found it really good to do the small 6x4's for Running with Brushes... I can do several of those in a session, so useful for this challenge.

  4. As Judith says, Sharon, you have caught the gauche look of the Seal and done it very well. I too am struggling with real life and sticking with the challenge and I'm at home all day ... real life has a habit of demanding our attention!

  5. I think he is a corker! Life can very much get in the way of a daily painting routine, especially when the emphasis is on posting everyday. Just post when you can and catch up when you can....


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