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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 25 - Eider Duck

The Common Eider is the UK's heaviest and the fastest flying duck. The Eider is a true sea duck, rarely found away from our coasts -  and a striking one at that with it's angular head and plump body and they make a wonderful sound, a sort of  'ahhrooo'.  The male Eider is Gary's favourite duck and I can understand why - stunning birds!  As with many birds, it is the male that has the most striking plumage. Female eiders are less impressive, with a mottled brown appearance though still easily distinguishable from other seabirds.  

If you'd like to hear what the Eider sounds like then click here and scroll down to the audio!

We finally got back into the mountains of Snowdonia last week after a few months of not being out walking due to very annoying health issues!  So poor old Two Pairs of Boots, has had it's first post for a few months!  Here's a taster to wet your appetite, one of my favourite views of Llyn Cau at Cadair Idris.  


  1. Nicely captured Sharon, glad you are getting back to your walks

  2. Hi Sharon That is a lovely view and glad you are walking again. Not too many days to go now.


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