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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day 5 - My Garden Frog

I have a little wildlife pond at the bottom of my garden which has matured nicely since Gary made it last Summer.  We noticed a frog peeping out of the pond weed a couple of weeks ago and over the next few days we kept a look out for him - we soon realised that there was more than one and have since counted five at one time in the pond.  Gary has taken some lovely photos of them so I did this painting from one of them.  The colours and patterns on our common frog are sooooo lovely!  

Here he is in the photo ...... isn't he a cutie! CLICK THIS LINK for information about frogs you may not have known

30 paintings in 30 days


  1. Good'un Sharon.. lovely colour mixing might have a go at this one as well... need to get cracking this affie or am going to get behind!!

  2. I had a feeling in my water that you would be painting a handsome prince, er sorry frog. And he is brilliant.

  3. I love this! Strangely we have frogs in our garden too although we don't have a pond!! Steve took a great close up photo of one recently which is in my pile of animals to paint!

  4. Hi Sharon He is lovely and well captured on canvas

  5. I saw this one on FB, love the colours he's so alive!

  6. He is beautiful and so well painted!:)


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