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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Day 16 - Barn Owl

This barn owl has been painted from a photo by Ann Wilson Paterson of Memories are made with Portraits, an artist who has challenged artists to paint her photo for an Owl Challenge on facebook, and to raise awareness of barn owl conservation projects.  If this one sells I have promised to donate half to a barn owl conservation project.  It also fits in with my British wildlife/nature theme for the 30 paintings in 30 days.  

The Barn Owl is a stunningly beautiful bird. It can fly almost silently and it's heart shaped face collects sound in the same way as human ears.  It's hearing is extremely sensitive which help it to catch it's prey - one of which is voles which was yesterday's painting! Pop over to take a look if you haven't seen it!  Sadly the British population of barn owls has plummeted - and for the usual reasons - loss of habitat etc etc. Thousands are also killed on our roads each year and I have also heard of them dying after becoming entangled in Chinese Lanterns - a recent craze to hit the UK but one which can have a devastating effects on our wildlife.   

and another photo from our weekend in the Lake District ..... some of the red deer that roam the Bannerdale valley, very difficult to get anywhere near them, hence most photos are of them running away!!


  1. HI Sharon Forgot to say in yesterday's comments that you looked great with the dog and the wonderful scenery behind you. Now Owls are wonderful animals and this is a lovely portrait of one. Well you are going for the finish line now, past the half way point. I just do not know ow you are keeping up doing one a day. Brilliant.

  2. That's a wonderful painting! <3 ~

  3. Another beauty Sharon... fantastic darks and lovely lost edges... might have a go at this one myself!!


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