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Friday, 23 November 2012

Barn Owl Update and New Blog

When I first tried to upload this barn owl update I received a lovely message telling me I've run out space and have used my 1GB allowance for photos and telling me I have to pay to upgrade my storage - what is that all about?? I've only been blogging since July - well it seems I've been uploading large files and have run out of space pretty quickly - I've deleted a few photos which I know are not linked to blogger so I got enough space to add the barn owl - looks like I'll have to buy some more space now if I want to continue  - anyone else had this problem?  Thank you so much for the replies below and the link from Claire, much appreciated!

In the meantime Gary and I have started a blog just about our walks in Snowdonia, the Lake District and beyond.  It's called Two Pairs of Boots so if you'd like to follow our walks pop over, Gary's put the first post on this evening about today's walk from Abergwyngregin


Comments welcome as always especially if you know anything about this storage thing!!


  1. What you need to do is: go to your Picasa webalbum where the images of your blog are stored. Then delete the photos you don't need, mostly photos that are double. Be careful not to delete the ones that are linked to your blog. You'll find you'll have a lot more space! Hope this helps!

  2. Have just popped over here from and Alessandra was blogging about this very thing.
    Yu might be interested to read some of the advice left in the comments.
    I also received the same message this week, so am interested to know what everyone is doing.....

    CLaire :}

  3. Hope I was helpful!!
    See you soon, xxx Alessandra

  4. Thanks for the info - I had no idea that you had to buy extra storage - always thought blogger was free as it as advertised as free! I have been uploading full size files so that's why the storage has run out so quickly - how can you tell which duplicates are safe to delete and which ones are linked to your blog?

  5. Hi Sharon - I blogged about the same thing 2 days ago.
    When I started with Blogspot my uploaded pictures were automatically resized. This changed in April 2012 apparently? So, like you, I continued to upload full size pictures as I didn't know Blogger had restricted space. For future uploads so long as you resize the photos they won't count as part of your storage allowance.

    I spent all day yesterday resizing recent pics in Picasa. Its painfully slow but I have now got back to '89% of storage used - from 100%' Basically, go to your Picasa Web Album (make sure you're logged onto Blogger/Google). The file you need is probably named the same as your Blogsite. Open that file and open the first photo. Click 'Actions'. The option to Edit in Picasa was 'greyed out' for me so I used Edit in Creative Kit. Once picture loaded click on resize and reduce to 480 x 640 (or vice versa depending on orientation of photo). Click 'apply' button. Click Save to my Album (top right side) and then click the 'replace' option when prompted. This replaces the full size picture with the reduced size picture.

    It sounds very long-winded but you soon get into a routine (tedious though). Just keep doing that whenever you get some free time. and make sure all new blog post pictures are reduced in size first LOL

    The other thing you can do is store photos somewhere else ie. Photobucket or Flickr and upload the pictures from there rather than direct from your pc - that way Picasa doesn't store them. When you're making a new post and you click the icon to upload pictures, instead of clicking on the UPLOAD button to retrieve pics from your PC, go to the menu on left side and select 'From a URL' and then copy the URL from your chosen photo storage site

    Hope that was helpful.
    I panicked when I got the Google/Blogger message as its pretty expensive to buy more space.

    Good luck!

  6. Your owl is perfect. He has that inquisitive look. Food for thought about storage. I thought you could just download any old photo. I have a free download called Pixresizer, which is easy to use, and resizes pics to about 480 x 640. But I never thought of resizing my pics, and must get into the habit of doing it. You may find this useful.

  7. thank you sue and polly I really appreciate your help, I will have a go at what you suggest sue - I know it's tedious but as you say doing a few when you've got a bit of spare time and soon get through it all!

  8. Thanks Sharon. I think I have my work cut out for me, but I certainly will try to get it done.

  9. I had the exact same thing happen to me too. The prices for more storage was a bit steep in my opinion. I already have a flickr account so I just post the URL of the photo and it shows up on the blog. If they made additonal storage a little more affordable I would go along with it but not to be.


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