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Friday, 13 September 2013

Day 13 - Blackberries

It's that time of year when the blackberries are ready to be picked and lots of us are making blackberry pies.  I love picking blackberries, it's something that brings back childhood memories of collecting blackberries and mum making a blackberry and apple pie for tea.  The birds in the garden have had a good share of mine! I've done this little sketch of the blackberries in my garden for the 30 day challenge.  I'm away camping in the Lake District this weekend and may not have internet connection but I'm taking my paints with me and will try and keep up with the painting a day but probably won't be able to post until Tuesday!  Have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing!


  1. I have missed my English country garden since moving back to Florida...along with blackberries, badgers, and my ancient Dunster Damson tree! Still, I've swapped all that for a blue ocean and Palms (lol).....Lovely rendition of blackberries today....

  2. Sharon - these blackberries are beautiful... ours are just a forgotten memory where I live. They do make delicious pies, and cobblers. Have a good week-end away.

  3. Love how you have captured the juiciness of these berries Sharon

  4. Gorgeous watercolors! your dog paintings are gorgeous!

  5. Lovely berries Sharon...I can see these as an xmas card as well!!


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