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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 14 - Otter!

I apologise for the blue tinge to this one - photograph was taken in our blue tent and it has cast a blue tinge on the photograph!  We're away for 4 days camping in the Lake District but trying to keep up with the painting challenge so did this one quickly on Friday night from a photo by Brian Rafferty (hope that's ok Brian if you're reading this!) 

Otters are secretive and elusive animals - we hoped to spot some while on our recent trip to Skye but unfortunately despite staking out some otter 'hotspots' we didn't get to see any.  In the early 1960s they were on the verge of extinction due to river pollution, habitat loss and hunting. Now they have full legal protection and with cleaner rivers and habitat management their populations are returning.  

I can't say how wonderful it feels to be out and about walking the fells again.  We're in the Lake District this weekend for Gary's birthday and had our first walk in a long time around from Martindale up on to Beda Fell, Angletarn Pikes, and Brock Crags, then back down through Bannerdale where there are wild red deer roaming - a bit of a clue there on what my next painting will be for the 30 day challenge!  Here is a photo of Angle Tarn, one of the most picturesque tarns I've seen so far.....  and hidden away up in the mountains, absolute heaven!

and an updated version of the otter - minus the blue tent tinge!!!


  1. HI Sharon The blue spoils this painting. Perhaps you will show it to us again in better lighting. The scene looks so peaceful.

    1. I know and I'm sorry - when we get back from our camping trip I'll take a better photo! Just thought I'd put this one on for the time being to keep up with the challenge!

  2. Wonderful painting of the otter in spite of the blue tinge. I love them. What a gorgeous place!

  3. Beautiful little otter - love how he's moving in the water :) And you're being so dedicated to the 30 day challenge. I'm not sure how many are keeping up! Lovely view, too. Thanks for sharing.


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