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Friday, 27 September 2013

Day 27 - Kestrel!

Kestrels are found in a wide variety of habitats and in fact the place we usually tend to see them is hovering  beside a motorway in search of prey.  The kestrel belongs to the falcon family and are small compared to other birds of prey. Like most birds of prey they have extremely good eyesight enabling them to spot small prey from a distance. When hunting they hover characteristically above the ground, making a steep dive when they spot something tasty!  

This watercolour is of a young female kestrel, about 5 months old which Gary and I had the privilege of flying today at a Bird of Prey experience at Ty Mawr Mansion in Ceredigion.  


  1. I've gone back through your challenge paintings - and they are all fantastic! This little one is no exception. How very skilled with a brush you are. Am now following you on Twitter too!


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