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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day 28 and 29 - Heron and Hare

Heron in flight 
from photo by Gary Jones

I've always had a bit of a fascination for herons for as long as I can remember so I couldn't do a British Wildlife theme without painting one.  I remember my friend and I would always walk down by the River Dee in Chester with a cheeseburger from the burger van after a night on the town to visit the heron who would always be there in the same spot. We nicknamed him Gil Scott the Heron after the American soul and jazz musician Gil Scott Heron also known as 'the godfather of rap'.  Ah memories!  Now I've had to search 'The Bottle' by Gil Scott Heron - here it is on you tube if you're interested !!

Anyway back to real herons rather than influential musicians!  Grey herons are unmistakeable birds which you'll find around any kind of water.  In or near water they will often stand motionless with their head tucked into their shoulders.  I love to watch them patiently stalking fish, the way they move and then suddenly go in for the kill.  Excellent fishermen!

And for Day 29 I painted another hare, this time from a photo by Paul Sherman, a bit slapdash this one as I've had to squeeze two paintings in one evening so that I've only got one to do on the last day of the month tomorrow evening - then I'll have completed my 30 paintings in 30 days  woooo hoooooo!!!!

And to finish today's post here is a photo of the view from the summit Foel Fenlli this evening looking over Moel Famau on the Clwydian range of hills.  Beautiful although a little breezy!


  1. That's a gorgeous painting. I have always loved herons too. Something about that long neck is so graceful and yet so unusual at the same time. They have a certain mystique to them, don't they. Yours is especially beautiful!

  2. Your work is gorgeous and I really appreciate your expertise with watercolors. Beautiful!

  3. The heron is magnificent... I like the rabbit too... you've done a great job on your challenge for September... only one more to go.

  4. Love the way the heron's wings seem to come outside of a frame... and the hare is scrumptious!

  5. HI Sharon Love the Kestrel from yesterday and the Heron is wonderful painted in that position.. The Hare looks a but bedraggled but is 29. One more to go. I wonder what it will be? What one earth are you going to do after the challenge is finished.

  6. the heron and the hare, both great. We have Grey herons here and they have such grace

  7. I love all of your paintings, but the hare really caught my eye, its really lovely! Thank you so very much for following my blog, and following my travels around Wales...:D Here I am, a foreigner, trying to show you around haha... Thank you for your kind comments. I am going to make myself a list of artists to feature on my blog next month I wondered if I could have you and your art as a "guest" for my blog? Thank you again Sharon, I love all of your artwork and your husband's photography too :)

    1. of course I would be honoured to be featured on your blog Cindy!!!

  8. You always inspire me.Thank you for sharing your beautiful arts.


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