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Friday, 20 September 2013

Day 20 - Red Deer

The Red deer is Britain's largest land mammal.  We enjoy visiting Tatton Park where they have herds of red deer but there is nothing quite like seeing them in the wild as we did last week in the Lake District - although it's pretty difficult to get close to them - they hear you coming a mile off and soon scarper!  We are nearing the rutting season or 'the rut' which begins from the end of September. Stags with their annual new set of antlers compete for access to hinds by engaging in displays such as roaring and parallel walking. which allow males to size each other up without violence.  However it can escalate into fighting between stags of similar size where dominance is not obvious. The dominant stag then ensures exclusive mating with the hinds. Serious injury and death can result from fighting.  

© Gary Jones

The photo above was taken a couple of years ago in Martindale where we went on a walk last week - we saw plenty of hinds in the valley but didn't get as close this time.  You can see a photo from last week's walk here.

Along with many other artists who are taking part in the 30 paintings in 30 days , I am now two thirds the way through the challenge!  Those of you following will know that I've set myself a theme of painting aspects of our British wildlife - and it certainly is a challenge finding time to keep up I can tell you!  But only 10 more days to go!!


  1. This is brilliant, Sharon ... he is majestic and beautiful! Super work. xx

  2. A magnificent beast Sharon, you are going so well with the challenge and I am sure having the theme of british wildlife has meant you do not have to think each day what next - well of course what animal next. Love seeing them all

  3. He is magnificent, Sharon! You are all so good at keeping up with the challenge, I know I could not have managed!

  4. This is wonderful Sharon! Well done with the challenge too :)

  5. Absolutely fabulous. He is standing very proud. You have done two thirds now, you can do it, keep going.

  6. Excellent painting, and well done with meeting the challenge. You've done some really nice paintings this month.


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