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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Decisions, decisions....

Today I'm still debating what to paint from the selection of photographs we took at the zoo yesterday!!  Maybe one of the big cats?  I went through a short phase of painting big cats last October after I painted the tiger  that I posted yesterday, one of which won 3rd place in a wildlife painting challenge on a site called The Painting Loft. This site offers wonderful and honest feedback and advice for watercolour artists and I would recommend taking a look.  

Lioness (source photo courtesy of Gary Jones Wildlife Photography)
by Sharon Whitley the Rambling Artist

by Sharon Whitley the Rambling Artist

 I am always in awe of big cats, they are such beautiful creatures and you feel you want to stroke and cuddle them but of course you wouldn't!!  One of the best places I have been to see them is South Lakes Animal Park which I absolutely love, and the best zoo I have ever been to.  They have African lions, jaguars and tigers which you can watch being fed.  They place the food at the top of tall poles and then let the cats out so that visitors can watch these magnificent animals in action, it also helps keep them fit and healthy.  Here is a link to Gary's blog where you can see the photos from our trip there in February, and the tigers and lions climbing the poles to reach their food - awesome!!   I'm looking forward to visiting again this summer.  Yesterday we visited the Asiatic lions at Chester and got some superb photographs so I'm tempted to paint another lion .... or a tiger.......or .....or....oh decisions decisions ......... now I'd better stop rambling and start painting!

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  1. The photos are on my blog, whatever you decide to paint.... I cant wait x

  2. Lioness and tiger are both fabulous!

  3. Two fantastic 'wild' portraits

  4. Stunning paintings... I love them both... nice work Sharon.


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