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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Taste of India

Work is manic at the moment - well I say at the moment - it's never anything but manic in our office!  So I'm looking forward to a night out tonight - I'm off to a Bollywood charity evening in aid of Brainwave.  This is a wonderful charity which helps disabled children achieve a better quality of life.  The work that they do with these families is wonderful -  last year 7 of us completed the National Three Peaks Challenge in aid of Brainwave in under 24 hours and as well as raising thousands for charity between us all, we had an amazing weekend climbing the 3 highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales.  The whole challenge went without a hitch and we were treated with wonderful weather and fabulous views from all 3 mountains - although our luck with the weather has taken a distinct turn for the worse in recent months - the photos from the Lake District in Sunday's post is pretty much what the weather has thrown at us for the majority of our walks this year!!!   Hopefully our luck will change soon!  

As I'm off to Bollywood tonight, here is a painting with an Indian theme - I found a photo on PaintmyPhoto by Aiswarya of an Indian lady on a train, deep in thought and it really touched.   I decided one day to have a go at painting it and used colours to try and depict the sadness that she seemed to be feeling and painted it quite loosely.  I think it is quite an emotive painting - my mum came to visit while I was painting it and didn't like it! Here are some comments from PaintmyPhoto members:

'You've captured the emotion beautifully'  - Laura Moore,
'I find the subject of this painting disturbing. It is a very emotional capture you managed here' - Susan Hall   'Full of vibrance and emotion'.  - Terry F

What do you think?

Lady on a Train from a photograph by Aiswarya
by Sharon Whitley the Rambling Artist


  1. I still think it captures the emotion beautifully and I'm glad your shared your lovely painting with us here too. Thanks for the mention Sharon.

  2. You captured her expression very well and the earthy colors are beautiful

  3. The Three Peaks certainly was a life changing experience, an amazing weekend and lots of money raised for the Charity.
    I think its a stunning painting, emotionally charged and beautifully painted.... and it was a great night at the Bollywood Night!

  4. The painting evokes an emotional response and what more could an artist want than that. Beautifully done.


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