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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Autumn Leaves

It's blowing a hooly outside and feels more like autumn or winter than the middle of summer!!  I'm off on a walk to the Lake District in the morning with a group of friends -  it should be a guaranteed fine weather walk this time of year but not had many of those this year, instead I'll have the waterproofs out yet again!!!  But it will be a day full of fun and laughter with friends so the weather can do what it likes!!  Talking of being out of season, here is a painting I did last autumn of autumn leaves. I was actually pleased with how this one turned out - I like the colour combinations and the effects - this was one of those rare occasions when what I saw in my head before I started the painting actually appeared on the paper in front of me. Usually my brain says one thing and my paintbrush does something completely different!!  Does that happen to any of you other artists? Please say it does lol!!!!

Autumn Leaves from a photo by Carrie Layne Mashon on PaintmyPhoto
by Sharon Whitley the Rambling Artist


  1. The brush does indeed do something different ... and the pigment goes its own way, too much/not enough water in the brush, the paper curls ... I could go on! Lovely autumn feeling in this. Have a great time in the Lakes :)

  2. Beautiful use of color Sharon.

  3. Of course it does, less often than in the begin of my painting journey, but do not tell anyone :))))
    This one is beautiful, I love how you have played with the water and the colors

  4. Hello Sharon:) First: welcome to my blog! It's always nice to make new friends. Second: beautiful art you make. Love it. I hope we can learn from each other:) See you around!

    1. thank you Renate good to see another familiar face from PMP here x

    2. Hi Sharon:) haha you know what? I just discovered that. Sometimes I'm a little bit slow. But.... now I have seen ALL of your art I know for sure: you can not learn anything from me, I just can learn a lot from you:) I just send you a mail thrue PMP with the request for painting one of your beautiful photo's; the waxwing. Have a nice sunday!

    3. Ah that's a lovely thing to say but I am here to learn just as much as anyone, and probably the first thing we should learn is to believe in ourselves and not think everyone else's artwork is better than our own, I do that too!


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