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Friday, 29 June 2012

Chester Zoo

We had a wonderful day at Chester Zoo today and Gary took some fantastic photographs some of which will soon be uploaded to his blog.  And after a couple of showers in the morning, even the weather behaved itself for a change and it turned out a lovely sunny day!  Maybe our luck is changing weather wise - I daren't hope!!  Got some great shots of the tigers and cubs and of the Asiatic lions who were mostly asleep as usual but managed to capture a few yawns from them!  Didn't see much of the jaguars and cheetahs unfortunately but now that we've got an annual pass we'll be able to pop there any time and not worry about the cost.  Some great shots of meerkats, birds and zebras too and the elephants of course.  So I've got a whole load of new images to inspire me to paint - just need to choose where to start now - decisions decisions!  In the meantime here is a painting I did from Gary's last visit to Chester Zoo, one of the tigers he photographed which he now has hanging on his wall - the painting that is not the tiger!

Tiger tiger Burning Bright (as per my favourite poem!)
from a photo by Gary Jones

As always comments are welcome


  1. The green of his eyes, wow !!! Beautiful !!!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you Judy, I'm tempted to paint another!

  3. It was a brilliant visit to the Zoo.... and many more to come now we are members lol!! Cant wait to see some of the paintings develop from yesterdays photos x

  4. Hi Sharon,
    This tiger is great. And I like the background too. Hope to see more paintings on the animals you had seen in the zoo. By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. Cora

    1. Great to see you here Cora, I enjoyed your page and will be visiting again as I've added it to my bloglist to get updates, thank you for your lovely comments

  5. How are we looking at the paintings of Mark Rothko these days?
    Is he old hat, replaced in America by more contemporary concerns? Looking at his minimal canvases and their enticing floating squares of subdued paint live at the MOMA recently, I had to stop to wonder whether he still communicates to a modern and younger audience., the site that sells good canvas prints to order from their database of digital images, has many Rothko prints. I ordered this one, Blue and grey,
    , that I have now hanging in my study. I can spend a long time looking at this elusive image that takes me to some other place not in this world.


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