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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Where it all started

Ooooh my first post - scary stuff - what shall I talk about???  I've been considering starting a blog for a while, partly as a diary to look back on myself even if noone else ever looks at it!!  Over the last few years I've discovered 2 things which I love and can't believe I've spent my entire life not realising it!  One is hill walking and the other, art.  The hill walking started about 4 years ago when me and 2 friends decided to climb Ben Nevis for charity - and that was it - I was hooked!  I'm very lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world, near the very special Moel Famau, the highest point on the Clwydian Range - I say special because this is where the walking bug first started and still where I walk the most as it is right on my doorstep

My walking companion Holly on Moel Gyw with Moel Fenlli and Moel Famau in the distance

The art bug started a little later, about 18 months ago.  I did art at school but mainly pencil drawings. When I left school life took over and I didn't do any art until one day I saw a  friend's photograph on facebook and felt the inspiration to paint it.  I used my children's cheap watercolours and some old watercolour paper and the painting wasn't great but it triggered something and started a passion which has been growing ever since.  

My first painting - the Langdale Pikes

After a few other attempts at landscapes I decided it was time to invest in some decent watercolour paints and paper and I was itching to learn so I hit the web to see what was out there and came across Bob Davies's site I Draw and Paint. From this site I found Paint my Photo and The Painting Loft - all ning sites which have been a godsend to me and taught me so much over the last year or so.  Paint my Photo in particular has been wonderfully supportive and feels like a very special community where artists and photographers share their work, their ideas and knowledge. I can't recommend it enough!

Some more of the early stuff from the end of 2010, still using the cheapo watercolours!

by Sharon Whitley the Rambling Artist

by Sharon Whitley the Rambling Artist

It was from reading up on watercolour in books and on the web that I found that you're not supposed to use black to darken colours and white to lighten them!  which is what I had been doing! and some say not to use black at all, so now I mix my blacks - I was doing lots of things wrong, but then again I do believe there is no right or wrong way - the finished result is what matters and if you've enjoyed painting it that's all that matters - if someone else likes it then that's a bonus!


  1. Welcome Sharon. I haven't even read it yet!!!! lol Went straight to the comments! I will add you to my watch list. Enjoy your blogging.

  2. I'm your first visible follower. Thanks for the honour. Love what you've done with it in the short time you had. I'm adding you to my page too. Good Luck with it and and enjoy it. Laura x

  3. You are off to a wonderful start Sharon. You are such a bright and talented person, it will take you no time at all to be right at home with the process. Here's to a wonderful journey (ramblings!)

  4. Haha thanks guys great to see you here, hope I don't bore you too much with my ramblings!

  5. Your rambling are super Sharon, look forward to hearing all about them and enjoying your art. Those birds are excellent! :)


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