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Friday, 22 June 2012

Slumps can be a good thing

I think many if not all artists go through phases where they lack inspiration or motivation to paint.  I went through one last year and am in a bit of one at the moment after not painting anything for a while.  When you're used to painting most days and then a few weeks go by painting nothing you lose the feel for it a little, lose the flow - and it takes more motivation than normal to get the brushes out. Well it has for me anyway.  But I keep telling myself I'll get back into it. I know I will because the same thing happened last year and I did get the passion back after a bit of a slump.

by Sharon Whitley the Rambling Artist

It was when I did this painting for the Jean Haines shell challenge last year that I got the motivation to paint again after a dry period.  After I did this painting it wasn't long before I was on a roll again, and back to painting regularly and dare I say it with a renewed vigour and more confidence.  Jean sent me a lovely e mail message about this painting, as she does to every single artist who has a try at her challenges.  In her email to me she wrote

Hang in there, slumps are healing times that thankfully pass and lead us into far brighter times of painting, and life!           

Lean on your painting because it will pull you through.

What a lovely lady she is to take the time to write such a personal message to someone she has never met and I've never forgotten her words, she is so right, never give up because you've lost inspiration, it will come back and I truly believe art is a great healer and therapy. It has certainly helped me cope through some difficult times this last year.  So I'm not too worried about this recent dry period as I'm sure I'll get back into it and get that flow back - and hopefully get some confidence back ..... that is as long as I don't spend too much time blogging and not enough time painting!


  1. Hi Sharon, thank you for finding my blog so I could find yours! I remember this painting for Jean's challenge, it is wonderful! I hope inspiration and motivation will soon return!

    1. Thank you Judy, lovely to see you here and yes I'm determined to get back into painting mode asap!

  2. In a bit of one right now too Sharon, but I am not too concerned about it as I have been there before. Nice painting of the shell.


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