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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Red Suede Boots

Painting no.7
Red Suede Boots
from a photo by Franklin (Paint my Photo)

In the reference photo I used for this painting the boots are a light beige colour but I decided to paint them red - because I can.  Wouldn't it be great if we could do that for real with our own footwear and change the colour with the flick of a paintbrush to match our mood or the clothes we wear!!!

Luckily because of a mad few days of painting I'm ahead of schedule with this challenge and have now finished my tenth painting so a few days ahead of myself - giving me a bit of leeway as I'm bound to come across a few days in the month when I can't paint!    Thank you so much for those of you leaving comments to let me know you've popped by, I really appreciate it   :-)

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  1. This boots are make for walking... love it!

    (and Happy New Year)

  2. Love the pose, and the boots look great red! I love painting shoes...

  3. Hiya Sharon! thats a super cool painting!


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