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Monday, 6 January 2014

Days 5 and 6

Painting no. 5

Well it wasn't going to be long before I had to paint a bird and this is actually the first time I've painted a bullfinch - from a photo by Gary Jones.

Painting no. 6
Riding Boots
from a photo provided by Leona Fraser on Paint my Photo


  1. Well its a bird so the Bullfinch has to be my favourite, but in fact Riding Boots' is the winner here with some brilliant detail, a great painting by you Sharon.

    By the way....HAPPY NEW YEAR Sharon.

  2. Hi Sharon, I missed you the first couple of days, so need to go back and check it out. Very good to see a familiar face. While I love anything from Gary's shots, the boots are just great. What stories they could tell. Looks like you are breezing with this challenge. Look forward to seeing more.

  3. Amazing work Sharon! Those booths are great!

  4. I love the boots. Rustic and well worn! Great piece. Katrina

  5. Beautiful paintings, both.

  6. Wow, they're both really great. I love the vividness of the color and the way you allow the color to run in the bullfinch painting; and the boots are perfect: the wrinkles in the leather; the mingling of blue and tan. Great work!


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