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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Paintings 22, 23 and 24

Painting no. 22
Grey Crowned Crane

The lovely Polly Birchall suggested a paint a crane for the challenge and I presume she meant the feathered kind so here it is just for Polly - they are spectacular birds - I had run out of watercolour paper so this one is quite small, done on a scrap piece as is the Panad for Painting no. 23 (Panad is Cuppa in Welsh in case you were wondering)

Painting no. 23

Painting no. 24 is one that has been on the back burner to paint for a while - Arctic Terns are such graceful birds but they don't half give you a pecking when you dare walk through their territory - as I discovered when we visited the Farne Islands - the reference photo was taken by Gary at the Farne Islands.  It's great to be painting birds again and must do some more!

Painting no. 25 will be a special one as I'm painting my friend's black labrador as a birthday gift.  The photo she's given me is gorgeous and I really hope I can do her justice! 

Thanks for popping in - hope you are all well out there in blogland!!!!


  1. Sorry, didn't tell you wish kind of crane. Anyway, I love the way you have just done his beautiful head. Love the Panda er sorry panad, but your Arctic Tern is outstanding!!!!

  2. These are great. The tern is so graceful dramatic, and the crane is really beautiful: the colors are so harmonious and his expression is wonderful. Love the "panad" too (and learning a new word)--the spoon really shines!


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