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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Paintings 12 and 13

Painting no. 12 - mobile phone

Polly Birchall (take a look at her blog here) suggested a couple of subjects for me to paint during this 30 paintings challenge - one was the palette from yesterday and another was to paint my mobile phone which I did - no posh phone for me just an old hand me down from Gary - as long as I can phone and text I'm not bothered!

Painting no. 13 
These boots were made for planting!
from a photo by David Morgans (Paint my Photo)

I'm quite enjoying painting boots at the moment so I looked on Paint my Photo for more boots references and came across this one so did a quickie.  A good idea to use old boots as plant pots don't you think!  Tomorrow's painting is a self portrait  - eeeek - done for a self portrait competition - but I ended up rushing to finish it as I wasn't particularly enjoying staring at myself !!  I'll post the result tomorrow


  1. Beautiful skill with the paint, wow! Those boots in particular are really great!

  2. I agree! Those Boots are AWESOME!! I just love them.

  3. Hi Sharon. Boots have wonderful character. The phone is like a photograph. brilliant ly painted. That's a compliment.


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