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Monday, 27 January 2014

Paintings 26 and 27

Painting no. 26
Koala - painted for Australia Day

Painting no. 27
Red Fox
from a photo by Nicke Reeves

Did anyone watch Winter Watch last week?  Love it and can't understand why it's only on for a few days - it should be on for a few weeks just like Spring Watch - in fact it should be on all the time!  Anyway I enjoyed following the antics of the urban foxes so thought I'd paint one.  The cute Koala was painted especially for our Aussie friends as it was Australia Day at the weekend!  I've not seen a Koala in real life - thought I was going to when we visited Edinburgh Zoo but the enclosure was closed for some reason when we went :-(

Only a few days left before the end of the painting a day month - so many things in my head I want to paint though so no idea what I'm going to choose from the list over the next few days - feel free to throw some ideas at me!


  1. Love that sweet fox! We've had one in our backyard recently--a suburban fox!

  2. Both so beautiful, wow! Masterful watercolor style.

  3. hi Sharon.I have not been blogging recently due to blogging problems so I had to go back and see the paintings I missed. All wonderful of course bit I ESP. love the Sasha,and the Tern reminded me of my day on Farne withis those s pecking diving Terns.

  4. Your Koala and Fox are great Sharon. When I go to the zoo and a cage or exhibit is empty instead of putting up a CLOSED sign I wish they post ON VACATION. I think folks would not be so disappointed if they could think of it that way. We have an Elk farm nearby and when I take the children by to see them and they are not there I tell them they are away at the Reindeer Games for Santa to see who gets to pull the sleigh this year. The kids love the story and are not disappointed. Enjoy your day!


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