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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Painting nos. 10 and 11

These two paintings are both being entered into a logo competition for the Loose Watercolour Group on Paint my Photo, hence the loose style of both of them and the square format. 

Painting no. 10
Cat's Eyes
from a photo by J. Aihara (Paint my Photo)

Painting no. 11
inspired by a photo by Judith Jerams (Paint my Photo)


  1. Love both but that cat portrait is simply fabulous!

  2. Wow, Sharon, I love both of these! Gorgeous cat eyes, and his orange fur of course!

  3. Both are excellent… the palette is so juicy… I love the orange cat, his eyes are so… cat like… I'm speechless …

  4. both Paingings are gorgeous. Love the palette and the green eyes of the cat.

  5. Good luck. They're both great. I have a special weakness for orange cats, and paintings of art supplies are always pleasing! Nice and loose too.


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