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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

It's a dog's life!

It was back to work after the Christmas break today which means no daytime walking during work days until the days start getting longer. I enjoyed going for a run after work with Holly, my black labrador - doing more running is part of my fitness plan for a challenge I've set myself later this year with Gary .  I've recently bought a lead for her which attaches to my waist so she can run alongside me and it keeps my hands free - it's brilliant!  I am sure anyone who has a dog will agree that they really enrich your life - she is my constant companion when out and about and if I'm ever feeling low as we all do sometimes, just taking her for a walk and watching her so happy just to be outside running around, chasing a ball, fetching a stick, having a swim - enjoying the simple things in life -  it never fails to put a smile on my face.  Oh to be a dog! I hope the following photos of her enjoying her walks make you smile too

Holly is a typical black labrador and loves nothing more than diving into water and having a swim - this is on a walk in Snowdonia in gorgeous weather and we just sat in this spot for about an hour taking it all in while Holly spent the entire time jumping in and out of this pool and swimming around
The above photo has been featured in Snowdonia Mountains and Coast  2016 brochre 
 she's on page 5!

On the way up Snowdon she found a stick

Another walk in the Lake District  and another pool of water to jump into 

Moel Famau our local walking area

Moel Gyw on the Clwydian range

Being out in our beautiful landscape with a dog is one of the best and most simple things in life


  1. Sharon....Good to see you back in business. I'm just catching up with your posts since your return. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    1. I'm sticking with it this time Pete - new year's resolution and all that! Thank you for popping by

  2. She's a real beauty Sharon, and true, they are the best companions ever.
    An excellent shot of her leaping into the pool at Snowdonia.


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