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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Snow in Snowdonia

As I have a bird feeding station in the garden I make sure the feeders are regularly cleaned as wild birds are susceptible to a range of diseases which can be caught from contaminated feeding areas.  The area does get very messy with dropped seed under the feeders which can quickly become mouldy if left.  So this was one of my jobs for today amongst other cleaning jobs!
The feeding station in my garden

Hygiene advice for bird feeders

When I finished it was off to Loggerheads with Holly for a walk and a swim in the river (for Holly not me!)

Gary and I have just packed our rucksacks as we are off to Snowdonia for a hopefully big walk tomorrow. As we were passing through yesterday we could see the snow on the mountains and more was forecast today so there should be plenty around tomorrow.

The weather is looking a bit hit and miss so we probably won't go up too high but I'm really looking forward to a good walk whatever the weather! The photo below was taken in November when the first snow of the year fell on the mountains - it is taken on the top of Moel Siabod

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