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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cheeky Chimp

This cheeky chimp is from one of Gary's photos from Chester Zoo - I have a monthly challenge on my facebook art page to do a painting usually from one of Gary's photos and this chimp was the challenge this month - there have been some amazing paintings done of him and this is my version which I finally got round to the other night.  I was quite pleased with the eyes and mouth area but I rushed the rest of him unfortunately - I might touch him up a bit yet!


  1. Hi Sharon He is magnificent. I am not sure if I would like anything else added because the way you have it now, focuses us into looking at his wonderful eyes. You can nearly see what he is thinking. Great painting

  2. FANTASTIC painting, Sharon! He's beautifully painted and his eyes are amazing!
    Congratulations on a wonderful piece!!!


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