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Monday, 29 July 2013

Red Shoes

Not my usual subject I know but boy did I enjoy painting these!  Anyone who knows me will know that you're more likely to see me in a pair of walking boots or trainers than a pair of shoes like this but it's nice to feel girly from time to time and I'd love a pair of shoes like these - even if it was only to look at.  This painting seems to have gone down well on facebook and as I enjoyed painting it so much and because I'm loving my new pigment perylene maroon I've decided to do a 'red shoe' series so be prepared for more killer heels on here!  This was painted for a challenge in the Loose Watercolour Group on Paint my Photo and there have been some super paintings - they're from an original photo by Freda Austin Nichols who takes some fabulous photos and generously shares them with artists copyright free. Lucky us!

Another challenge on Paint my Photo this month is to paint a flower in macro!  I needed something to decorate the space above my bed so I went for pinky, purpley colours to go with the colour scheme.

This was also from a PMP photo posted by a member called Trudi. And here it is in it's frame above the bed

I had a lovely message on my last post from a fellow blogger and wonderful artist called Maggie Latham. She saw a pair of red cardinals in her garden on the North Florida coast - she had never seen these birds in real life before and didn't realised you could find them in that part of America - she then just happened to check out my blog and lo and behold saw my painting of a red cardinal - what a lovely coincidence!  She even wrote about in her blog yesterday.  I'm at work tomorrow (booo) but hoping to get another blog post on which will be all about birds and a close encounter with a beautiful Eagle Owl.  Have a lovely day whatever you're up to!


  1. Hi What a wonderful talent you have. These painting have very different subjects yet both are fantastic. The Lily looks lovely over your bed.

  2. Red Shoes. A brilliant painting of a pair of shoes in my most favourite colour. Thanks Sharon!

    1. I'm presuming you don't own a pair like this though Pete!

  3. Two cracking paintings there Sharon. The lily looks good over the bed, I hope the shoes aren't stored under it?...[;o)

  4. Sharon, your shoe series is going to be a hit with me...
    Can't wear them now , but oh boy did I ever.!!!!
    and as to the Cardinals , I love the painting, live in Central Florida and see them all the time... Nothing beats the red of a male cardinal...

  5. I love "Red Shoes"! Interesting and unusual composition and so well done with these fluid washes. It's fantastic!

  6. OMGosh! Such a gorgeous watercolor of these shoes, Sharon...loose and beautiful!!! The Lily is amazing ...and I love it on the wall!!! You get better with every painting you do!!!

  7. Love the shoes!!! And the lily - it looks so good on the wall in your room (a very girly bedroom for such an outdoorsy girl - which shows we have all aspects to our nature, and some we hide away). Have a wonderful Sunday - and more shoes, please!!! Love to see other women in shoes like this (I don't wear them but am almost tempted to buy a pair...who knows, maybe I'm not too old to wear really high heels?)


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