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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Catching Up!

Oh dear I have been neglecting my blog lately!  Have got quite a bit of catching up to do which I'll try and do over a few posts, I'll start with our fabulous trip to the Isle of Skye - we went there camping for a week at the beginning of July - the weather wasn't as hot as it has been in the rest of the country but lovely and warm for Skye and it stayed dry which was great.  The wildlife watching was a big disappointment though - we had hoped to see White tailed sea eagles, otters, deer and golden eagles - we were lucky enough to spot a couple of golden eagles far off but none of the others despite paying for a guided wildlife tour and going on an organised boat trip where they feed the sea eagles - but sadly they weren't cooperating on the trip we went on.  We staked out a couple of known areas for otters - but no luck there either - I actually fell asleep at one point and just asked Gary to give me a nudge if he saw anything!  So while sitting in the tent one night I thought I'd just paint an otter instead - this was done in the tent and I've been intending to finish it since I've been home but not got round to it yet!

Another painting that is sitting on the easel waiting to be completed is this one of a siskin and goldfinch, from photos by Gary taken at the Dyfi Osprey project.

I'm still debating whether I should add a bit of a background to this, so any suggestions welcome!

A bit of good news to end this post - one of the paintings I entered into the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art was accepted and it sold within a few days!  I was thrilled to bits to have been accepted as it's supposed to be a difficult one to get into but to sell as well was fantastic!  Here is the painting, it's of some greylags in flight - quite loose as you can see

 - I have to tell you that when I rang my dad to let him know it had sold he said 'Really? I didn't think it was that good!'  - he doesn't really like my looser style and prefers realistic paintings.  For anyone who loves wildlife and loves art and who lives locally to the Wirral, get yourself down to Gordale Garden Centre as the exhibition is well worth a look - 400 paintings and sculptures to drool over  - it can also be viewed online HERE.

I'm off to browse through your lovely blogs now - sorry I've not been around and I know I'll have missed loads, have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back soon with some piccies from the Isle of Skye.


  1. Sharon....I've been worried, and what about Gary too, I need to see some input from you both....PLEASE.

    Good to hear you had a good visit to Scotland.

  2. Welcome back Sharron. Sorry to hear that the wildlife on Skye wasn't playing ball, that's the trouble with wildlife watching it never performs the way that you think, or hope, it will! (good excuse for a return visit though!)
    Good news about the exhibition, and sale.. and lots more to come, I hope!...[;o)

  3. Sorry for misspelling your name Sharon!!..(shuld hav cheked befor hitin tha pubblish buton)...[;o)

  4. such beautiful work, we missed your posts and amazing work,

  5. Love these paintings. Not at all surprised about your painting selling so quickly, it is stunning. A pity you didn't get to see the wildlife you were looking forward to on your trip to Skye, life is like that sometimes.

  6. I was wondering where you were because there was nothing on your blogs for a while. I would just add even more birds to the Goldfinch and Siskin painting. From Findlay

  7. Your work in progress paintings are amazing! If you don't want to get to heavy into doing backgrounds, just some light color would work wonderfully for them.

  8. I saw your painting yesterday at Goredale. It is even better in real life! Nice to see you blogging again. Love the new bird painting. Be interesting to see what you do with it, I like the background on the one you sold. You create so much movement that I can hear their wings fluttering!

  9. HI Sharon Welcome back. You were missed. These painting are wonderful. you are really a great artist. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  10. Oh, dear! Relatives are know! ha ha My mother is the same way - she likes what she likes and says, "Are you still painting those stupid crows?" Congrats on getting in and on getting a sale - this is a fabulous painting - what watercolor is supposed to be = loose, free, fresh :) Love the two birds, too - would put a messy greenish-grey bg in spots but not much - just think it needs a touch of color here and there. Gorgeous!!


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