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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Monthly challenge works

As promised I'm posting the paintings that have been done so far for the monthly challenge I share here and on my facebook page.   There are two photos to choose from, a Carneddau pony and a foxglove, both from photos by Gary Jones. The photos can be found on my last post if you're interested in taking part.  Here are the paintings I've received so far...and they're all fab!

a fabulous loose impression from Karl Fletcher
if you're on facebook check out his new Watercolour Journal

a gorgeous coloured pencil piece by Sheila Fielder

brilliant acrylic painting by Kevin Pinch of Pinchie Art

This beautiful painting of the foxgloves by Lorraine Brown
she also has a facebook page

and finally my first try at the Carneddau pony, I say first try because I'd like to do it again as I had quite a bit of trouble with this one, taking out the background, messing with the washes on the pony and having to fix it so it all ended up a bit of a faff, but posting it anyway to show I've had a go!  I'll be trying the foxgloves soon (may pinch a couple of ideas from Lorraine - but don't tell her lol!)

Carneddau Pony
© Sharon Whitley

Any arty bloggers who'd like to have a go, let me know and I'll post it here with a link to your blog/website!
Ta ta for now


  1. You are very kind and sharing Sharon to make up this challenge and to promote the paintings so freely, thank you- on facebook I have had some lovely feedback and some extra likes. Not sure how you find the time to manage all the internet stuff and still get painting done - you must be "wonderwoman"

  2. I like all of them but specially the first watercolor.

    Wish you a nice week!

  3. Sharon, each of these is fabulous, including your own. I'd be happy signing my name to any of them!

  4. I saw you pony on Facebook, it's fabulous as are all the pieces on here. Some very talented people out there.

  5. Wonderful pieces and what a fun thing to have a monthly challenge!

  6. Lovely set of images. One of these days I'll try to join in.


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