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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A tribute to Stella

© Sharon Whitley

This is Stella, a beautiful Alsation that I was asked to paint over the weekend for an American family.  She tragically died of cancer a couple of weeks ago and the family are heartbroken. I'm always a bit nervous about doing commissions, especially when it is purely from a photo and you've never actually met the animal in question, but in this case, knowing how important the painting was to them, as a treasured memory of a much loved pet, I felt even more nervous than usual!   So you can imagine my relief and joy when I heard that they love the painting,  there were tears when they saw it (I think that's a good sign in this case!), and I've been told that I've made the family very happy.  What a wonderful feeling that gave me knowing that I've brought a bit of happiness to a family over on the other side of the world at such a sad time for them.  The painting is now securely wrapped and on it's way to it's new home in the States where I hope it will serve as a lasting memory of a much loved pet.

I know only too well how it feels to lose a pet, we lost Tay, our black labrador a few years ago at the age of 12.  I've now got Holly who loves to be out walking for the day and is water mad!! Here she is earlier today swimming in one of the mountain lakes in the Moelwyns in Snowdonia. It was a wonderful day out in the mountains, the sun was out, the sky was blue(ish), more photos will soon be on Two Pairs of Boots

On the summit of Moelwyn Mawr in Snowdonia


  1. A wonderful memento Sharon, my son has an ageing German Shepherd and I would love to paint her for him one day. Your painting is lovely

  2. Lovely painting and it really looks as if it isn't painted from a photograph. This is a nice part of art when you can give pleasure like this to someone, and gives you a warm glow inside.

  3. Gorgeous portrait of Stella - the eyes hold so much feeling.

    Love the pic of you and Holly xx

  4. A sad but heartwarming story Sharon and a beautiful painting of a dear and treasured 'friend'...[;o)

  5. You caught Stella's spirit in her eyes, Sharon. She is beautiful.

  6. You painted her very beautifully, Sharon, very nice tonal values that direct the focus to these expressive eyes. Great watercolor! I know what it is to loose a dog and am glad that her family liked it. The portrait should be a nice memory of their friend.

  7. It is so very hard losing an animals friend! I know Stella's family will treasure her painting always!!

  8. The painting of Stella is absolutely stunning , so good you got the is surely a great gift to the grieving family !


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