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Saturday, 23 February 2013


© Sharon Whitley

I like to try and paint animals with character and I hope you think my piggy has character.  I love pigs, Gary and I went to our local farm shop today to photograph the pigs that are normally there but they had gone - I asked the assistant where they were and she told me they were in the sausages!!  They are getting new ones in soon - it's sad I know but I would much rather see pigs have the life they had, free to roam around than the intensively farmed pigs who have a very sorry life cooped up in pens where they can hardly move.  And all to save money - it's so wrong as are many things in this world :-(

Anyway on a lighter note we celebrated Gary's daughter's 18th birthday with a meal in Chester last night - an all you can eat buffet and boy was I stuffed!!  

I painted a Nike Blazers birthday card for her as she wears pink ones.

Today we went on our usual Friday walk, nothing too strenuous, just a walk up on to our local Moel Famau and we visited one of the hillforts in the area Moel y Gaer

Walking over the summit of Moel y Gaer on the way to Moel Famau 

Gary also took some gorgeous photos of Holly who was looking glorious in the afternoon sun.  Isn't she a stunner? Love her to bits!

For photos from our latest walks pop over to Two Pairs of Boots.

Have a wonderful weekend
Sharon xx


  1. When you said they were getting new ones in soon did you mean sausages or pigs! The pig certainly has character and has a sexy look in his eye and a smile so he is happy. Terrible to think of the plight of animals, and if I didnt like vegetables I would be a vegetarian. I really like your card of the trainers too, something to keep, better than a pressie to me, well almost! The pic of Holly is perfect with some lovely lights, good one for you to paint. There's my challenge to you!

  2. Lovely pig Sharon and yes full of character!! I love the photo of Holly... you are right she is a stunner, she is absolutely gorgeous... will wait for the painting or drawing of that one!!

  3. Your pig certainly has a lot of character, as so do your pair of pink shoes. Your dog is precious. Blessings!

  4. Love the Piggy portrait Sharon, best not to dwell on what became of the sitter!...and what a brilliant idea for a birthday card.
    Gary's shot of Holly is a real cracker...[;o)

  5. This is beautiful. Really enjoyed catching up with your blog. What a great painting.

    There were so many amazing views - I could have painted many more too
    Edmonton Painters

    Painters Edmonton

  6. Sharon....Pigs always remind me of a few people I know but I never say who. I love your sentiments about the pigs being cooped up with little room to move in the name of sausage meat, and lots of other things wrong in the world.

    Anyway we should be talking about your paintings here, and this is a nice picture of the 'piggy'. Glad you got off and up Moel Famau to 'unstuff' yourself after the birthday bash/meal.

  7. Just a most fabulous post, Sharon! I especially love seeing Molly and your pig painting is wonderful! Happy birthday to your stepdaughter too. Love her card.

  8. Your Holly is a beauty! And your pig does have character-he looks happy-lovely work!!

  9. I think your piggy looks like he has a joke to tell. Love him!!

  10. Love your pig and card. Great photos as well.

  11. He most certainly has character - I would say one of benign tolerance. But I was upset to read the fate of the ones on the farm.

  12. Visiting from Artists in Blogland and your piggy has tons of personality.

  13. Hey Sharon:) I totally agree about what you said about the pigs! Your "piggy" is so lovely and def has character! If I had enough space around my house I would have 2 pigs for myself. I love them, they are so funny and cute. You have got a beautiful dog too! Have a nice week:)


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