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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Greylags and Extreme Walking

©Sharon Whitley

I love greylags, love their wrinkly necks and think they're such characters, when I saw this photo of Gary's I knew I had to paint it and I've invited other artists to have a go as well, (see here).  I still may put in a bit of a background to emphasize the fact that they're walking in snow.......and talking of the white stuff.......there was lots of it up on the Carneddau yesterday where Gary and I went walking.  Photos will soon be on our shared blog Two Pairs of Boots but for now here's a taster - these are taken on the summit of Foel Fras at 3090 ft up and it was pretty cold and windy up there as you can see from the windswept snow on the stile and trigpoint.  Even our coffee didn't stay warm in the flask!

The Carneddau ponies who roam this area stayed down low out of the snow but we saw a set of what could only have been fox pawprints up pretty high. Here is one of the gorgeous ponies we saw, one to add to the growing list of Gary's photos I want to paint!  What a stunner eh?

 And Pete Woodruff will be pleased to know that we heard a stonechat in the same area that we saw one last time we were there, but we weren't lucky enough to see the little fella this time.

I've not thought of a title for the greylags so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for visiting
Sharon x

PS - the greylags with their background 


  1. The graylags with their background is stellar, Sharon! That Carnnedau pony is gorgeous! Rather sexy pose too (think Veronica Lake). Look at all that snow! We've had two winters in a row with very little of the white stuff which is unusual for us.

    1. I know - that's what I thought - looks like a 40s film star - going to try and paint it today - never painted a white horse before - should be interesting!!

  2. I love the greylags with or without the background, they have such character, great painting!

  3. La acuarela preciosa y me gusta mucho la foto del pony. Que frio debe de hacer!

  4. Great greylags. I love them with or without background.

  5. Nicely done Sharon, just enough bg to finish the story

  6. Awesome greylags and that pony is just gorgeous - reminds me of some stories my daughter used to read when she was 6 called the secret unicorn. I could just picture her with a horn! The snow pictures are amazing too. Just looking at the Greylags, they do look like they are off on a march !

  7. Sharon your greylags are lovely - especially like them with the background. They look like our Canada Geese. I love to see them around our lakes. The weather looks like it was very cold where you were. Take care and have a great week.


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