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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Red Deer and the Rugby League final

Hello bloggers - hope you've enjoyed the weekend and those in the UK hope you've enjoyed the lovely weather we've had - I'd like to say I've been out walking those hills but it was not to be this weekend - I promised my daughters I'd take them shopping for holiday clothes - I don't particularly like shopping especially when there's blue skies up above and you know the views up in the mountains are bound to be spectacular - but never mind, they'll be there other days - and my two shopaholic daughters were happy so all is good!!   Gary and I had a lovely day out on Friday at Tatton Park - a great place to watch and photograph red deer now that the rutting season has started.  There were a few testosterone filled stags about but the rut hadn't really got going although we came across a bit of play fighting........

photo by Gary Jones

We had a lovely walk through the grounds,
my photo

This stag had already rounded up a good number of hinds

photo by Gary Jones

Lots of roaring going on from the larger stags - a wonderful sound

photo by Gary Jones

and this is my favourite photo of the day - I love the backlight on this and the startled look of this young stag as we came across him walking through the trees...

photo by Gary Jones
We're hoping to go back over the next few weeks as the rut really gets going.  More photos on Gary's blog here

Saturday night we had tickets to watch the rugby Super League Grand Final at Old Trafford hoping that Warrington Wolves would take the cup but it was not to be and they were beaten by Leeds Rhinos - a great game though - so my little piece of artwork for you today has a rugby theme - although it's Rugby Union painted as my little tribute to the Wales earlier this year.

Go Wales!
 by Sharon Whitley the Rambling Artist
© Sharon Whitley

Hopefully my next post will be another bird painting - I spotted a wren this weekend - well actually it was Gary that spotted it and pointed it out to me so the little wren is now on my ever growing painting list!


  1. That must be a thrill to be able to watch the Red Deer.We have plenty of deer but wouldn't normally get such a good look at them. Did you have to hide when you took these photos?

  2. You captured the movement of the player nicely and I like the background too!
    The deer pictures are amazing!

  3. Wow, neat photos! Makes me want to go there (but I'm in Virginia, USA).

  4. Tatton park is lovely, we have done quite a few trips to the flower show there.... the deer look fantastic, some great photos!!

  5. Great photos, and the movement in the painting is great!

  6. My #2 son is with the BBC in Cardiff. They still have the,'We're Backing The Boys' posters everywhere!

    We love Tatton Park - great pictures!

  7. Magnificent pictures!!!! And the painting is incredible, well done Sharon!!
    Sounds like you really enjoyed a fun and full weekend, good for you :)
    Warm regards.

  8. Hey Sharon,
    What a wonderful shots of all these deers. It must be great and very spectacular to see them fight for the females. Very well done!!
    The painting is really amazing!! So very well done. It's okay to be proud of.
    My compliments to you.

    Many greetings,

  9. Hi Sharon.
    The stags are magnificent! I wish I could see and hear them there.
    As for painting, I'm feeling the same way - the more I paint, the more subjects I want to paint.
    You should be proud of your action-packed rugby painting. :)

  10. Great photo's ... I must go and visit Gary's blog. And your painting is fabulous. You've really captured the 'action' and the illusion of a crowd in the background is great.

  11. Hi Sharon, your rugby player is absolutely wonderful, great composition, movement and colors. I like very much also your photos of the red deer, really fantastic! Ciao!

  12. Oh, I love these amazing photos of the deer!...aren't they wonderful animals. Your painting definitely has a feel of action to it and great splash of colour.

  13. Just been having a read through some recent posts Sharon and greatly enjoying myself. Great photos - I particularly like these deer and the moody Arans shot. I can't believe that you've only been painting for a couple of years! I would add another vote for the 'boring' chaffinch - although I don't share that assessment!
    I love blackbirds and I really like your glossy male, he has oodles of character.


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