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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Back to painting and blogging!

I've had a long break from the blog so I hope there are still people out there! I will get round to catching up with you all in blogland at some point and see what you've all been up to!  

I've only recently started painting regularly again and it feels good so I'd like to share some of what I've done with you all.  Birds are still my favourite thing to paint but I'm planning on painting more landscapes based on all the wonderful places I visit when out and about!  If you don't see any landscape paintings from me within a couple of months you have my permission to give me a  kick up the bum!

Something I've been meaning to try for a long time is painting in old books and I came across an old children's book when I was sorting out my dad's house after he passed away last year.  I kept hold of it with the view of painting on the printed pages and recently tried it out. Here are a few examples of what I've done so far....

They are great fun to do.  I also came across a lovely old organ book in a charity shop and have been painting in that too.  My daughters play the piano so I must get them to play the music to me while I'm painting to add another dimension to it!  

I've also had some lovely commisions to paint recently - butterflies, birds and bears which will be the subject of my next post. Enjoy the rest of the weekend whatever you are doing :-)

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