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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Latest wildlife studies

I am so glad I started doing these studies as I'm enjoying the fact that they are sketchy studies rather than 'proper' paintings if that makes sense - simple recordings of wildlife experiences, no pressure.  I am sometimes asked if I sketch in the field and it's something I've tried to do on occasions and will continue to practice field sketching as it's a great way of developing drawing and observation skills;   I do actually prefer to take photos on the day as I really enjoy the photography side so much as well - I'm lucky enough to have Gary's old camera and zoom lens to work with -  fleeting moments can be captured so well - and you can get a really good look at birds and wildlife through a zoom lens - it feels like it's just you and them - I'm still a novice as far as photography goes  and Gary's photos are always much better than mine of course but I've been really quite proud of some of the images I've taken - so I enjoy the combination of having a variety of photos to work from together with the memories in my head - then sit in my little art room at home with a cup of coffee and relive those moments by transferring them onto the paper in front of me.

Parkgate Marsh at high tide

Marbury Country Park - woodland birds seen from the woodland hide

Snow buntings at New Brighton

Waders at New Brighton

Some of the garden birds that visit my garden

Thank you for looking :-)


  1. Sharon....Impressive stuff here, though I have had no chance yet to study the finer plumage detail - I will eventually - this is top class work.

    Keep on keeping on Sharon, your'e on a winner.

    1. Lol Pete - I'm sure you'll find on closer inspection there will be lots to criticise on finer plumage detail! Thanks for looking - I'm over to see what you've been up to now >>>>

  2. I don't think you need to see finer detail, they are really beautiful as they are. You are so talented. Have a great weekend.

  3. This is fabulous work Sharon. You may feel these are "sketchy studies rather than 'proper' paintings" but in my opinion that just adds to the value of these spontaneous images. There is enough detail in every one of these for them to be easily recognisable. Amazing work!!!

    1. that's exactly what I like about them too John and I'm glad you feel the same, thank you


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