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Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Gary manages a lady's football team and a couple of Sundays ago they were playing in Bethel in Snowdonia so I decided to tag along and go for a walk in Llanberis while the game was on. Llanberis is a lovely place overlooked by the Snowdonia mountains; it was a lovely sunny afternoon and I was delighted to spot a few goosanders on the lake swimming around with the rest of the ducks and eating bread from the people feeding the ducks there.  I sat watching them for some time and luckily had the camera with me so took a few photos with the aim of doing some studies of them back at home.  So here are a couple of the photos I took and the resulting study - once Gary found out they were there he wanted to go and take some pics himself - you can see his photos here

and here is the resulting artwork with Dolbadarn castle flung in there too as it is quite striking overlooking the lake of Llyn Padarn


  1. I have just popped over for my first visit to your blog. I love seeing what you see and reading what you think. I also love nature and love to observe animals and birds doing what they need to to to survive. We have a couple of your animals here i believe foxes and rabbits lol. Ill be back to see what you are doing again Love your work and loving your photography too, thank god some people still appreciate the beauty we have been gifted by mother nature - :)

  2. Hello Sharon,
    Wonderful shots!!
    Nice to see the paint of these birds.

    Kind regards,

  3. Ladies football? Now that is an image.
    Gorgeous shots Sharon, are that at PMP, cause they make my fingers itch. they have such wonderful colors and shapes. Loving your journal pages, got to take a hard look at latest post for the head shots, but these are well done. Am currently drooling over some of Gary's horses to give a try with my pastels. Glad to see you posting again. Best.


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