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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

More birds and a Cafe Scene

I had a bit of a marathon painting day on Sunday - trying to make up for not having painted anything for most of the week!  After painting the Pied Wagtail from the last post I went on to paint some other birds and a quick street scene ... not the sort of subject I normally do but fancied having a go for the loose watercolour group which is run by Judith Farnworth on Paint my Photo.  

I have to admit I did rush this one and didn't give the figures much attention so I may tweak it a bit or even paint another street scene with a bit more care and planning this time.  I've had some useful feedback from the loose watercolour group - pillar not straight, figures too fussy etc. so lots to work on for the next effort.

I also finished off a rooster I was painting which is going to an artist friend of mine in France.

....and finally to finish off my painting day, I did two more birds for the wonderful facebook page started by Robin Berry in conjunction with Gerard Hendriks -Paint Colorful Birds for Fun.  I'm having great fun painting a new bird each week, the latest two colourful birds being a Southern Carmine Bee Eater and a Lazuli Bunting.  It's nice to learn about some birds which are new to me as well.  

Southern Carmine Bee Eater

Lazuli Bunting

My daughter Sian has been busy posting to her blog again Wildlife with Whitley, and she was thrilled that some of you popped over to see her photos and leave a comment - I really appreciate you taking the time to do that and hope it encourages her with her photography and love of wildlife. Hoping to get some painting done tonight even if just a little one!  Hope you're all having fun and enjoying life out there in blogland!   Bye for now!


  1. wonderful Beeeater and a fantastic loose cafe scene

  2. Great results from your marathon painting day Sharon!...I especially like the Bee Eater and the Rooster...[;o)

  3. You look like you had great fun. The birds are beauties and the cafe scene I love. It is loose, lovely and tells a story. Is there anything you can't paint?

  4. Love both of the birds, Sharon. You do them so beautifully!

  5. The birds are great but that street scene is something else. I love that loose way of painting and I love this picture!!

  6. all your birds are stunning which of course i already knew but your cafe scene-wow- you should definitely do more like that. i love it!

  7. Sharon, your bird pieces are always so special. It really shows how much you love painting them. Love your street scene too!

  8. Hi Sharon,

    Your animals eyes are very special.They let me think their stories. Great work!


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