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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Stonechat and a Herdy

After finishing my series of garden birds I decided I would gradually start painting the birds that I see when out and about and the beautiful stonechat is one of them.  We sometimes see one or two when we're out walking - they're gorgeous, love the way they perch right on top of the heather and love the noise they make, like two stones being bashed together. Unfortunately, they've been hit by harsh winter weather which has seen a decline in their numbers over the last couple of years. Gary rarely carries his big lens when we're out on a long walk and so he doesn't have any close up photos of the stonechat (yet) so I've pinched my reference photo from Brian Rafferty's blog (I know you don't mind Brian!)

By the way if anyone reading this actually sees a stonechat in this country I know a man who'd be very interested to hear about it Pete Woodruff of Birds2Blog is recording all the sightings he can, to try and discover if their numbers are on the increase again.

Something else which we never fail to see when out walking the hills is sheep of course and the Herdwick breed fondly known as 'Herdy's, native to the Lake District in Cumbria are my favourites. They are such characters and I've got a mountain of photos to choose from as he can rarely walk past one without stopping to take a photo!

I'm trying to get a bit of painting done before I go back to work tomorrow after the Christmas break - I shouldn't complain as I've had two weeks off but I'd rather be out walking or painting than going to work, sigh, keep buying those lottery tickets!

Thank you to those of you who have checked out my daughter's new blog Wildlife with Whitley  and left such encouraging comments - she was thrilled!


  1. Sharon, what a fabulous painting!!! The stonechat is an adorable bird. I hope their numbers start to increase.
    I must say, your painting is improving in leaps and bounds right now!!! Keep on painting!

  2. Beautiful paintings Sharon...

  3. Two stunning paintings, Sharon! I love both, and the sheep background is gorgeous too! I too am back to work tomorrow :(

  4. That's another brilliant painting. Pete Woodruff will love it. From Findlay.

  5. This is fast developing into the sort of series that could populate a book. Another lovely piece.

  6. Hello Sharon,
    These paintings are so beautiful!! It's just amazing how you've made them.
    The sheep is really fantastic!!

    Many greetings,

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  8. Dear Sharon - lovely art and I know what you mean about working and trying to find the time to paint. I love your bird - I do not think we have these here where I live. As for the sheep - what a sweet face. Take care and have a good week.

  9. Lovely paintings. I too am back at work today. Going to try to keep up the 15 mins of painting daily, though :) x

  10. Oh look at that gorgeous sheep!!! I want to throw my arms around it and give it a hug! Both paintings are beautiful, Sharon. As are Sian's photographs.

  11. Hi Sharon, like your blog and love your paintings
    best wishes
    Mark Cox

  12. Beautiful paintings, Sharon!

  13. I always seem to see Stonechats on top of gorse bushes, but they never let me get very close - as you say their call, like pebbles knocked against one another, is delightful.

  14. I'd never heard of a stonechat before but your painting shows that it's a lovely wee thing and I'm now really curious to hear its call!
    I love your sheep painting-I think sheep have such sweet faces and you captured this one perfectly!

  15. Both paintings are beautiful but I especially like the Stonechat. Can't say I've ever seen one before (knowingly) but they look delightful.

  16. Beide Bilder sind fantastisch. Du bist echt eine grosse Künstlerin;-)


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