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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Carneddau ponies

Yesterday was a stunner of a walk - pop over to Two pairs of boots for more photos - the cloud was rolling around all day but the mountains remained cloud free where we were walking.  We saw the shaggiest Carneddau ponies we've ever seen, snug in their winter coats and breathtaking scenery.  Next on the agenda art wise is to paint one of these beautiful ponies but not sure whether to paint them in their surroundings like in the photo above or a close up as I've done before, the one below is now owned by one of my facebook page likers, so I definitely need to paint another!

Gary often posts his photos on to Paint My Photo, a site where artists can browse copyright free photos to use as references for their artwork - there is an amazing selection of photos on there and I would highly recommend it to artists who like to use photos as references. He has posted a few of his Welsh ponies on there which have inspired quite a few artists to paint them. Here is a small selection of them......

 by the amazingly talented David Stribbling - in oils

 and his equally talented daughter Rachel - yes that is an oil painting not a photo!

a stunning acrylic by Christine Williams

and this lovely little watercolour by Betty Mulligan

and to end my blog post today I'd like to introduce you all to my daughter Sian who decided last night to take up blogging herself - she's 12 years old and loves taking photos, particularly of animals so her blog will be dedicated to wildlife photography - I hope some of you will pop over and give her a bit of encouragement  as I would really like to spur on this interest she has - psssst, she's also pretty good at drawing so hoping to spark an interest in art there too!  


  1. The jaw dropping beauty of the photo took me to an inward journey of wishing I could be back in Britain.
    It is truly the perfect image with the ponies placed in just the right position.
    Your daughter is very talented... as in the apple does not fall far from the tree!

  2. Sharon, the photos are beautiful! Ms. Mulligan has a style similar to your own, I think. Love all these paintings of your husband's photo. I also love the Paint My Photo site because I enjoy painting from photos myself.


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