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Monday, 30 March 2015

Wheatears and Stonechats

Studies of two of my favourite birds which we've recently had good sightings of.  Firstly it is always a thrill to see the first wheatears of the year arriving here from their wintering grounds.  Amazing little birds to fly the thousands of miles it does every year.  I'm looking forward to seeing plenty of them throughout the summer months keeping us company on our walks in the hills.

And secondly, probably high on most birdwatchers list of favourite birds, the stonechat - a bird that toughs it out here in the UK over the winter, which makes them even more endearing.  Gary and I saw them in good numbers near Conwy mountain last week which is wonderful to see.


  1. yes Sharon, you are right, 2 beautiseful little birds and these drawings are so accurate and beautiful.

  2. Me being me I have to single out the Stonechat studies Sharon....BRILLIANT.

  3. Excellent.
    Better than the pictures I've taken of them.

  4. Sharon. I look forward very much to seeing your latest bird studies.Wheatear and stonechat are superb.I hope you publish your series at some stage .They would make a wonderful book and a permanent reminder of your exceptional talents.


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