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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Exhibition at RSPB Conwy

Thank you to those of you who left a comment on my last post after I'd been away for so long - it's lovely to know you are still out there and I'm not talking to myself!  Gary and I have had a busy weekend preparing for a joint exhibition which was held today at RSPB Conwy, a site we often visit as RSPB members.  They have a new building which looks out over one of the pools at the reserve which they hire out as exhibition space.  As you can see from the photo the sun was streaming in through the windows, it was like a summer's day.  We met some lovely people throughout the day and there was lots of interest in both Gary's photos and my bird watercolours, with robins and puffins seeming to be favourites of the day!  It seems a few people will be getting our work as Christmas presents this year so I hope they like them!!!   A highlight of the day was watching a beautiful kingfisher fishing outside - always a treat to see these stunning birds!  I was also very impressed to meet a 3 year old who already had a great knowledge of birds, being able to identify all the birds on Gary's photo display, including an Osprey.  Findlay Wilde had better watch out!  If you haven't heard of  Findlay then go to his blog and find out all about what this amazing young conservationist is achieving at such a young age - a Chris Packham in the making!!  We will be exhibiting at RSPB Conwy again in the New Year, dates to be confirmed. Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend yourselves.

As promised here are couple of photos from our trip to Mull - this was my first encounter with White Tailed Sea Eagles - we had been watching them through binoculars for a few days and then went on the Mull Charters boat trip where they fly out to the boat, soaring above you before swooping down for the fish which have been thrown out of the boat - it was an incredible experience to be this close to such fabulous birds of prey and I was moved to tears watching this beautiful bird soaring above me - I can't quite describe how it felt - this is one of the photos I took once I'd stopped watching in awe.

This lovely red deer hind didn't stick around for long once it realised we were there, but managed to quickly get this photo before the lovely animal bolted away seeming to disappear into thin air as they do!!

In contrast to the hind above, this lovely young stag stood watching us watching him for what seemed like ages but was probably 5 minutes or so, before stamping a foot and trotting away into the undergrowth.

Looking at these photos brings back all the memories of our trip to Mull, I can't wait to get back there, such a beautiful, wildlife rich place, the only downside was that we weren't lucky enough to spot any otters despite staking out some known otter hotspots - but that's wildlife for you!!! Better luck next time!


  1. It looks like a great display bird photos and watercolor art.That White-Tailed Sea Eagle looks like it would be an awesome bird to see in person.The photo itself is terrific!

  2. Looks like a fantastic display. i am amazed a 3 year old was able to Id all the birds. Next David Attenbourgh? would have looked to see the Kingfisher

  3. Hello Sharon,
    What a fantastic shot of that bird.
    Nice to see all the paintings as exhibited.

    Kind regards,

  4. Que bello Blog. Su amor por la naturaleza es contagiosa, y su trabajo artístico una inspiración.
    Un saludo afectuoso.


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