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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Magpie and Moorhen

Magpie Dance
© Sharon Whitley

Moorhen March
© Sharon Whitley


  1. Love that handsome, cheeky magpie! I enjoy all of your paintings, Sharon. To my way of thinking, if you have something that makes me want to visit your blog and see more than once or twice, then you are creating art. I read somewhere recently that "art is not a thing", which I assume means it is something internally ours that is expressed externally. You are and artist because you have that internal desire that expresses itself, you may just not have the desire to be famous (which must take a lot of work and makeup! ha ha).

  2. Sharon, can't call you the 'bird lady artis't because no matter what you paint in wildlife they are all outstanding..
    I love Rhondas' reply..
    Your definetly an artist, and a very good one at that. I often wonder about the same things you wrote in your last post.. I certainly don't make a living at it.. and I've always connected being an artist as working at it .. but I don't spend much time thinking about it... I just paint. !

    1. Barbra, that's exactly what I do - just paint and don't think too much into it most of the time! Thanks for your lovely words and Rhonda too - and no desire to be famous - too much work as you say lol!

  3. Not only do I love the paintings, I soooo love the titles


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