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Thursday, 30 May 2013


© Sharon Whitley

Ceulan is a very special osprey - he was the only surviving chick from last year's nest at Dyfi, survived the migration to Africa only to die after becoming entangled in a fisherman's net in December.  I've painted him in the hope of selling him to raise funds for the Dyfi Osprey Project as I did with the painting of his father Monty.  

And before I go - I had a lovely surprise a few days ago - I had entered this puffin painting into the Natur Cymru Wildlife Art challenge and found that I'd been given 2nd prize in the competition - the painting will be their next edition's magazine cover!  Result! and I won a prize too!

© Sharon Whitley the Rambling Artist
Catch of the Day

the other winner and other runners up can be seen on the Natur Cymru blog

.. and talking of puffins ....we're off to Skomer Island on Sunday - weather looks great - it's a looonng drive though but should be well worth it, can't wait ..... so more puffin paintings will surely be on the agenda!  
Now I'm off to browse your blogs as I've not had a look for a while - been away camping for a few days - will post some piccies on the next post... bye for now.........!


  1. Love them both, Sharon. Been watching the ospreys on Spring watch. Is it the same Monty? Love the frontal view of the puffin too

    1. Yes it's the same Monty - they've done some great coverage on Spring Watch, I've been following the live streaming and the updates from the Dyfi Osprey Project which is why I wanted to try and help by doing the paintings to raise money for them. Ceulan was one of Monty's chicks from last year.

  2. I am so sad to hear of the osprey story.

    Congratulations on your win and the puffin piece looks so wonderful on the cover of the magazine!

  3. Congradulations on your prize, Sharon! And I am sure your osprey painting will sell - he has such compelling eyes.

  4. Well done on winning 2nd prize. That is marvellous. I love the painting of Ceulan adn hope it makes money for the project. Margaret

  5. It is only a matter of time Sharon... your work will be in demand and start to sell. I couldn't be more sure of it.. this is just the start...... keep on doing what you're doing and things will start to happen, be patient and welcome each opportunity with open arms, you have a lovely talent and you put the hours in, that's all you need!!

  6. The osprey looks amazing, it is a shame what happen to him though and I love that you are doing this for the osprey.

  7. Great work and well deserved selection for publication. You've developed a real flair with these bird portraits.

  8. La felicito por su premio, sus trabajos cada día mejores.

  9. many congratulations sharon ! very happy for you ...good luck with fund raising i'm sure your beautiful painting will find a good home.

  10. Congratulations, it's a well-deserved award and a beautiful painting!


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