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Monday, 31 December 2012

Last post of the year - Happy New Year

Lucky - commission
© Sharon Whitley

Well 2012 is almost behind us, we're about to wave bye bye to another year - the year I started blogging and hopefully this will continue for many more years to come - thank you so much to everyone who follows this blog and Two pairs of Boots which is the blog Gary and I share.   I really do appreciate every one of you who pops by and leaves comments -  it's a funny thing isn't it - you feel like you really do get to know people through this blogging lark even though you are unlikely to actually meet them in perso - I feel like I've 'met' some wonderful people, inspirational, artists, walkers, birders, wildlife lovers and it's wonderful browsing through all your blogs - which I do, even if I don't always leave comments - sometimes I have to admit that captcha thing puts me off as it takes me at least 3 attempts to get it right!!!

It makes it all the more special when the opportunity arises to actually meet one of you in person which I did yesterday - a truly inspirational young man - this young fella is quckly turning into a local celebrity - Findlay Wilde, having been featured recently in Cheshire Life and with other exciting things in the pipeline - if you don't already follow his blog then take a look, this young man is only 10 years old and is already an expert on birds and his enthusiasm for nature is wonderful to see in someone so young. Gary and I met up with him yesterday at Burton Mere to deliver a painting I'd done earlier this month.  You can read about the day on Gary's blog post here and on Findlay's post here.

Here I am with the young man himself

.... a great way to end the year !  Look forward to meeting you and your family again soon Findlay!

The cheeky chappy who I painted above is my latest pet portrait commission which the recipient is thrilled with so big sigh of relief again - this commission stuff is not good for the nerves! I'm so excited about 2013 and can't wait to keep those brushes flowing with more paintings and hopefully improve with practice and Gary and I have got a big charity challenge coming up in June which I'm both nervous and excited about - more about that soon, so in the meantime have a wonderful New Year whatever you do - we'll be walking up Moel Famau to take in the New Year (as long as it stops blowing a hooly and pouring down with rain that is!)


  1. Happy New Year to you, Sharon!

  2. Happy new year Sharon, and I look forward to reading your blogs and seeing some more of your excellent paintings in 2013.
    And what more can be said about that young fella Findlay, an inspiration to us all!...[;o)

  3. Have a happy and very creative new year, Sharon!

  4. I feel as you do about meeting people whilst blogging. I love it! It was lovely of you to hand over your painting to Findlay. I saw it on his blog, which I started following after seeing him mentioned on yours. Have many masterpieces in 2013.

  5. Wishing you and Gray all the best for 2013 and ALL the Wildes will see you soon for a nature fix. Findlay was so excited about meeting you and can't wait for the next encounter. True to form, he has dragged dad and Harley out in the rain to Frodsham Marsh (second day running so it must me good). xx

  6. Fabulous pet portrait - you really captured his character! I will have a look at Findlay's blog in a few minutes too. Happy New Year Sharon, and hope 2013 brings lots of new opportunities for you x

  7. Sharon, it has been a pleasure getting to know you and Gary through our blogs. I look forward to more nest year. I wish both of you a most wonderful and creative New Year!!!

  8. Happy New Year to you both and very best wishes for 2013

    oh ... and the commissions don't get any easier in my experience - I still get stressed with each one till they're happily received :-)

  9. It was amazing to meet you and Gary and I hope we have longer next time. See you in 2013. From Findlay

  10. Dear Sharon - have enjoyed your posts this past year and am looking forward to many more in the coming year - I like you just started to blog this 2012 and it is so true how we get to know and love each other - you are a fine artist and I always enjoy seeing your work - Please have a Happy New Year - now I am going to hop over and meet Findlay Wilde - take care my friend in the new days to come.

  11. Gorgeous little redheaded guy. I have a heart for redheads, having been born one myself. Cheeky little chappy indeed. He looks like he has a mischievous smile on his little doxie face!


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